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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."


Maya Angelou

Oslo Open 2017

Open studio

Dælenengata 4, Kunstnerfløyen 3 rd floor , 0567 Oslo,

April, 23rd 2017


I work with photo, drawing and painting. You can see more pictures in the galleries.


I share a studio at Dæleengata 4, with Marianne Fjær, Stine Schwebs and Liv Ulveng.

Langer Yoga

I'm owner of Langer Yoga and teach virya yoga , calm yoga and meditation.

After the play 2-2013
After the party 1-2012
After the concert 1-2013


After work there is reality


charcoal on coloured ingress paper





What is culture? And what is it that defines culture? How do cultural expression?


The word "culture" is used frequently in our time and in different contexts. The word itself has different meanings. When we talk about culture we often talk about freedom of thought, communication and behavior patterns in humans. We talk about "culture" as a collective term for commonalities between people in the same country / region parts, or we are talking about "culture" as sector which includes art, music, theater and literature.


The development of the concept of culture has its beginnings in 1700 and the first half of the 1800s in Europe. It reflects the then-hierarchical social scheme and the contrast between Europe and the colonized continents.

The word "culture" was at that time used as a contrast to the concept of nature, and "culture" were perceived as "civilization" or "formation" and to be something clearly positive that individuals or groups could have more or less of. Europeans, especially the right classes had more, while workers and other peoples had less. This hierarchical definition was dominant until the Romantic time, there developed a general definition that every nation has its "soul" and its worldview that has evolved also links with the, geographically specific "nature". The German Romantics imagined that such people community also rooted in language. The language of communication characterizes all aspects of human social life. Thus, the concept of culture linked to an overall sense universe where groups of people linked together as "people" and that the new generations are socialized into.

The German romanticism had a considerable impact of anthropology to the science of human beings, and human variations.

The early anthropologists formed the definition of the general concept of culture.

The British anthropologist Edward B. Tylor defined in 1871 culture "Culture is the complex whole consisting of knowledge, persuasions, art, morals, law and customs, besides all the other skills and habits a person has acquired as a member of a society." (Tylor, Edward B; Primitive culture: researches into the development of mythology, philosophy, religion, art and custom, 1871)


When I look at the debates in the cultural sector, I think that there is still a strong sector dominated definition that prevails and that it still happens assessment monitor. quality and degree of "cultural expressions". A distinction between "high culture", "popular culture", "popular culture", between "Western Norwegian cultural", "Norwegian culture".

In this way it creates an impression that it's a form of cultural expression that is right and who is wrong, that what applies is "the right culture" that at any time appear in the major cultural institutions.

I wanted a more general definition which allows to equate the significance and importance of cultural activities going on the small stages and exhibition spaces that are detected and cabinets of the "small" players.


I think that it is important to see that much of what people remember, participating in going outside the major cultural venues. "Civilization" will not start in the major institutions, but grows from the bottom up.

It is therefore important to strengthen the small communities so that new terms can grow up.




After work there is reality...

"After work there is reality" is an ongoing sign project where I work with charcoal on colored paper ingress.

The project is divided into to include the cultural expressions "music, dance, theater and art."

The drawings scenes from stages and still lifes.

I have dedicated the project to all the creative people I know who work within these cultural branches outside the major cultural institutions.


The play 1-2014
After the concert 2-2013
Before treatment


The price of beauty


charcoal on paper


After treatment
Treat yourself to beauty

Photos 2016

Impressions from Kerala

January 2016

In January 2016 I went to Kerala in South India on a yogatur with Nordic Yoga Institute where I took my yoga education to virya yoga teacher.

On this trip I also got the opportunity to work with photography, in addition to much yoga. Some of the photographs were exhibited in conjunction with Kalk Art in Cologne in September 2016 as part of the group exhibition "Künstler ohne Grenzen".

They will be exhibited April 23rd in Oslo during Oslo Open.

In July 2017 several photos will be shown in an exhibtion in Cologne with "Künstler ohne Grenzen".


Dælenenggata 4

N - 0567 Oslo




March 2017

More exhibitions in 2017:

- Groupexhibtion with Artcom Expo, Caroussel de Louvre

October 20th-22nd


March 2017

New studio from May 2017









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